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Cleopatra Craps Table

The Cleopatra craps table is designed with two wide curves double beveled at the center to create an elegant table set to amaze. This contemporary table is modeled after its namesake and becomes the main attraction of any game room.

All craps tables are custom built to demand attention. Bold, luxurious, and with pristine attention to detail, they exceed the expectations of any player. Customization and quality make these tables the best of the best. The customization process offers free design consultations, ensuring that the tables are tailored to fit the exact needs of the customers. All tables feature a solid double row chip tray, a leatherette armrest, and pyramid and rail rubber and casino quality custom layouts. Every table is masterfully crafted and manufactured at our Pharaoh USA location. All tables have a lifetime warranty. For additional customization options contact one of our sales representatives.

We sell factory direct to our clients allowing us to provide competitive pricing without compromising quality. Contact us to find out more.

About the Collection

A design that harkens back to classic casino tables, this model features beautiful pedestal legs with a double bevel base and a sleek modern top. The amalgamation of classic lines and contemporary styling produce a transitional style with timeless elegance.

  • Combination of premium laminate or wood finish, with your choice of metal finish
  • Brass or stainless steel cupholders
  • Pyramid rail and rubber
  • Casino quality custom layout


Available Sizes

  • 8 feet
  • 10 feet


  • 40 inches

Outside Dimensions

  • 117” x 60”
  • 141” x 60”

Available Options

  • Crap Stick
  • Dice
  • Dice Bowl
  • On/Off Pucks


Need Help Designing Your Table?
All of our products are completely customizable down to the smallest detail, from custom felt color, to specialty woods and leather upholstery finishes.
Email us at or call 818.553.6760 to speak to one of our knowledgeable sales consultants to get started designing the table of your dreams.
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