Need Help Designing Your Table?
All of our products are completely customizable down to the smallest detail, from custom felt color, to specialty woods and leather upholstery finishes.
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Standard Wood Finishes

Aside from the obvious savings of our natural resources, many projects built using wood veneer would not be possible to construct using solid lumber. The Braewood Veneers are engineered wood veneers for the convenience of consistency and beauty. Bonded through heat and pressure to a 10mil paper backing, the backed veneers are stress-relieved, sanded and trimmed.

The resulting product is an extremely flexible and beautiful veneer that is ideal for laminating to curved or flat surfaces. Staying true to our name, Veneering is also an ancient art, dating back to the ancient Egyptians who used veneers on their furniture and sarcophagi.

Standard Metal Finishes

High Gloss Finishes

Our high-gloss finishes are constructed using special phenol resins and papers to form a hard, scratch, stain and dent resistant surface laminate. Our particular finishes are utilized in many commercial applications where products must withstand rough use yet maintain its original beauty and luster.


Pattern Upholstery


Fully Customizable Ceramic Poker Chips

Pharaoh Exclusive 12-Stripe Chips

GW Card Suit Chips

Roulette Wheels