Osiris Billiards Table

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Size / Actual Playing Surface

7 FT – 39″x78″
8 FT – 44″x88″
9 FT – 50″x100″

Outside Dimensions

7 FT – 93″ X 54″
8 FT – 103″ X 59″
9 FT – 115″ X 65″

Minimum Room Size for 8ft Table

11′ 8″ x 15’4″ with 48″ Cue
12′ 4″ x 16′ with 52″ Cue
13′ 4″ x 17′ with 58″ Cue

Minimum Room Size for 9ft Table

12′ 2″ x 16’4″ with 48″ Cue
12′ 10″ x 17′ with 52″ Cue
13′ 10″ x 18′ with 58″ Cue









Osiris Billiards Table

The Osiris billiards table offers a compelling look that blends sophistication with minimalism. The modern pool table top rests on a choice of two round stainless steel, brushed aluminum or wood bases. This provides a light and airy design while still ensuring structural support without compromising the design.

All pool tables are custom built to demand attention. Bold, luxurious, and with pristine attention to detail, they exceed the expectations of any billiards player, from professional to recreational. Customization and quality make these tables the best of the best. The customization process offers free design consultations, ensuring that the tables are tailored to fit the exact needs of the customers. Every table is masterfully crafted and manufactured at our Pharaoh USA location, and includes fine leather pockets, an option to add a cue rack, accessory kit, and a matching three piece dining top, transforming the table into a 2 in 1 game set or dining set. The billiards tables also come in three editions: Dynasty edition, featuring a straight rail, Empire edition featuring rounded corners, and Kingdom edition, featuring a curved rail with an inlay. Nationwide delivery and installation is available for all purchases. For additional customization options contact one of our sales representatives.

We sell factory direct to our clients allowing us to provide competitive pricing without compromising quality.
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Product Details

  • Solid wood construction
  • Fine leather pockets
  • 1” Brazilian 3-piece slate
  • Choice of premium laminate or wood finish
  • K66 cushions
  • Premiere wool felt
  • 4¾” rail with 1¾” solid lumber
  • Optional 3-piece dining top

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